NA#7 XxFroBro45xX’s Reno Mage

Copy to clipboard Thanks for watching the stream today guys 🙂 we got to rank 7 with lpg reno mage, deck is definitely fun and seems pretty good against the field 🙂 big thanks to @JiminatorHS and @BeastBattleRats for the hosts — XxFroBro45xX (@XxFroBro45xX) May 24, 2020

CN#1 SirRicky’s Reno Mage

Copy to clipboard CN SirRicky 5/3 hit #1 legend Reno Control MageCN #32 finished in April (70% winrate)He also played in NA for a long time, and #1 finished in Dec. last yearAAEBAf0EHk2KAcAByQOrBMsElgX3DcMWhRfgrALpugLYuwLfxALTxQKgzgKb0wLD6gK+7ALF8wKggAOhoQP8owOSpAO/pAOEpwPsrwORsQOMtgONuwMAAA== — 燁魔#4979 AsiaHS (@glormagic) May 7, 2020

NA #6 Jack’s Quest Mage

Copy to clipboard 24-13 (65%) with this list right now. doesn't feel like the nerf changed a thing. the gap between wins and losses with the deck is so big that you don't lose a higher % against aggro, you lose the same % as before. 6 of the 13 losses were just to the mirror match btw@IksarHS — Jack Harris (@jrhsk8) April 22, 2020

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