ASIA#82 And EU#163 KremePuffHS’s Reno Priest

Copy to clipboard Had a great early morning stream today. Climbed out of the super dumpster on EU into top 200 & then preceded to climb into top 100 on Asia w/ my patented Raza Togwaggle Priest. It's my best performing deck this season. Attached is today's stats.Thanks to @RoffleHS 4 big host! — George (@KremePuffHS) May 25, 2020

NA Hit Legend Sayube’s Reno Priest

Copy to clipboard 正直クソしんどかったけど、ラザプリ1本でレジェまで。63-36の勝率64%。ランク1まで勝率70%あったけどそこから負けまくって1回ランク3まで落ちてメンタル終わってた。パラに1回も勝ってなくて笑える — しろあん (@ia_my_ki) May 10, 2020

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