EU#1 Hijo’s Pain Zoo

Copy to clipboard Darkglare nerf waiting room AAEBAf0GAvoOj4IDDtwGwgjECNwK8tACiNIC+v4C14kDy7kDlc0Dm80Dn80D184DwdEDAA== pic.twitter.com/mK24kGu8dD — Hijo (@HIJO_HS) August 15, 2020

NA#1 lugea’s Pain Zoo

Copy to clipboard Darkglare definitely needs a nerf. I joined the club after losing to them with different "counters" decks 🙁Got lucky with a 10-0 run this morning and got that #1 Legend.This is cancerous when you can flood consistently on T2-T4 and the opponent just can't have any counterplay. pic.twitter.com/ukLcOzK2MY — Lugea (@lugea624) August 15, 2020

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