ASIA #162 おてぃか’s Dragon Boar Hunter

Copy to clipboard ASIA #162 @otyka2828's ドラゴンイノシシハンター/Dragon Boar Hunter「クズ拾いの工夫」「屑鉄弾」で「石牙のイノシシ」「パトコドー」をバフし、フェイスに突撃するコンボを搭載したドラゴンハンター。不利マッチはパラディンのみとのこと。勝率は80戦回して51-29の64%。↓DECKCODE↓ — おてぃか (@otyka2828) April 20, 2020

ASIA Hit Legend あおい’s Mech Hunter

Copy to clipboard メックハンター最強だって言ってんだろ??? ワイルド レジェンド!久々だけどサクサク勝てて気持ちよかったです 昇格戦の札強すぎて震えた # AAEBAYoWAoewA5+3Aw6UD+APhRDi9QK5+AKR+wKY+wKo+wL2/QLX/gLMgQO2nAPqsAOAtgMA# # — あおい (@aoierias) February 14, 2020

CN #54 疏星丨皮皮虾’s Even Hunter

Copy to clipboard Even Hunter from my friend 疏星丨皮皮虾. He got about 64% winrate in CN top 200, and finally rank 54 in CN. (above 5k wild legend in CN now so it's very hard tbh) AAEBAR8IgAeOwwKG0wKY8ALN9AKwiwOHsAODtgML9w3UEfixArm0AuTCAp3MAt/SAu/xAqKlA/uvA7q2AwA= — Soda (@CN_Soda) February 14, 2020

(日本語) EU #33 Knoepklapper’s 偶数ハンター/Even Hunter

Copy to clipboard Been playing some even hunter today during my spare time. Adjusted a list i still had from last season and went 15-6 with it so far upto 33 from 84.Also Golakka should be fine as 1 off, all 3 warriors were defeated without it so i may swap one out for a second weapon.#wildhs — Knoepklapper (@Knoepklapper_HS) January 7, 2020

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