ASIA#1 Chocolatebox’s Cubelock

Copy to clipboard Hit legend with Cubelock!and surprisingly first place also. 從官網看有三個人比我早上傳說但我是#1我不知道為什麼不過蠻開心的類似路邊撿到一百塊這樣 牌組如圖代碼留言 — chocolateboxHS (@chocola51521321) July 31, 2020

EU#4 bmking’s Cubelock

Copy to clipboard Fell to #20 playing bad decks, got back to winning ways using my Cubelock. It took a lot of wins on #5, but I finally got that #4. 20-9 and 69% WR. Ask questions if you got any. AAEBAf0GCMIP4KwCycICl9MC2+kCoIAD/aQD1rkDC5ME3AaODt7EAufLAvLQAovhAujnAp2pA+usA8S5AwA= — BMK (@bmk_hs) April 25, 2020

EU#3 MajorTom’s Cubelock

Copy to clipboard Got top 3 with same redaction and new list (cubelock). New legendary really cool, but its probably its not strong it you ladder have many Quest Mages and Aggro decks AAEBAfqUAwqjAcIP4KwC8tACl9MC2+kCnPgCoIAD/aQD1rkDCpME3AaODt7EAufLAovhAujnAp2pA+usA/2wAwA= — MajorTomHS (@MajorTomHS1) April 10, 2020

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