Descent of Dragons


CN Hit Legend 梦之郡丨疯龙’s Odd Mage

Copy to clipboard CNiyingdi wild daily report : 2020.3.18我到河北省来 R5~legend Reno PriestStats: 80% winrate in 35 gamesDeck code:AAEBAa0GHgmhBOUE7QX4B6UJ0wrXCvIMkg/WEfcTwxaFF4O7Are7Ati7Auq/AtHBAvDPAujQApDTApeHA+aIA9qdA/yjA5mpA9isA4WtA5GxAwAASource: — 燁魔#4979 AsiaHS (@glormagic) March 18, 2020

NA #1 Memnarch’s Galakrond Warrior

Copy to clipboard took rank 1 back with Galakrond warrior. I like this version the most because i made it myself 🙂 also 42-22 overall this season with the deck. If its this strong in wild i cant imagine what its doing in standard right now. — Memnarch_HS (@MemnarchHs) March 7, 2020

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