Descent of Dragons


EU#98 Moluk’s Darkest Hour Warlock

Copy to clipboard Made it to top100 Wild with DH Warlock. It's nothing big, but since I didn't play Wild for a while I decided to share it. @neon31HS @HS_WildDecks I copied this list from someone and just added the 2nd Pact for Sinister Deal.Deck below. — Moluk (@Moluk13) February 26, 2020

Asia Hit Legend Endless’s Secret Mage

Copy to clipboard 今月は心をぼこぼこにされたアホウドリ秘策メイジでランク5→ランク1→ランク3まで45-28 メックトゥーンウォロでランク3→レジェまで20-3秘策メイジはメイジメタで炎の守り抜いてケザンに変えたけど1枚でそこまで効果はなかった ランク1いってから酷く下振れたのと上手い人が使えばもっと勝てそう — みつき (@hiramittu) February 18, 2020

CN&Asia&EU Hit Legend 凛冬将至丨柒夏’s Reno Mage

Copy to clipboard 凛冬将至丨柒夏 reached CN, Asia, EU wild legend with Dragon Element Reno MageDeck code:AAEBAf0EHk2KAcAByQPFBMsE7Af6DtYRwxaFF9i7AsrDAt/EAtPFApvTAsPqAu72Asb4AqiHA4qeA/yjA4ukA5KkA7+kA4SnA/qsA5GxA4i2A+G2AwAASource: — 燁魔#4979 AsiaHS (@glormagic) February 20, 2020

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