Galakrond Warrior


ASIA#189 guard1019’s Bomb Galakrond Warrior

Copy to clipboard 12連勝ボムガラク(ワイルド)189位 突撃が欲しいマッチは爆弾が埋まっていれば有利なレノやメックトゥーンなので船頭コンボを優先パーツ不足で不安定ながらあと少し足りないライフを補える場面が多かった AAEBAQcEhReblAPjtAPFwAMNkAPUBJ3wApeUA5qUA9itA9mtA9qtA/6uA6qvA9KvA6S2A8C5AwA= — guard (@banpei1524) June 25, 2020

NA #1 Memnarch’s Galakrond Warrior

Copy to clipboard took rank 1 back with Galakrond warrior. I like this version the most because i made it myself 🙂 also 42-22 overall this season with the deck. If its this strong in wild i cant imagine what its doing in standard right now. — Memnarch_HS (@MemnarchHs) March 7, 2020