ASIA #45 Assy’s Odd warrior

Copy to clipboard 300位台から50位in自傷ウォロと武器ローグをサクサク狩ろう自傷ウォロは呪文で対処できるうちはそっち優先(バロフ温存)相手は序盤中盤は小型ミニオンでジャブしつつ最終的に巨人ゼブを絡めた展開をしてくるから、そこにバロフを差し込むイメージで武器ロはリストみりゃ分かるなベインを盗め — いぬ (@takepf) August 23, 2020

EU#1 Hijo’s Pain Zoo

Copy to clipboard Darkglare nerf waiting room AAEBAf0GAvoOj4IDDtwGwgjECNwK8tACiNIC+v4C14kDy7kDlc0Dm80Dn80D184DwdEDAA== — Hijo (@HIJO_HS) August 15, 2020

NA#1 lugea’s Pain Zoo

Copy to clipboard Darkglare definitely needs a nerf. I joined the club after losing to them with different "counters" decks 🙁Got lucky with a 10-0 run this morning and got that #1 Legend.This is cancerous when you can flood consistently on T2-T4 and the opponent just can't have any counterplay. — Lugea (@lugea624) August 15, 2020