ASIA#82 And EU#163 KremePuffHS’s Reno Priest

Copy to clipboard Had a great early morning stream today. Climbed out of the super dumpster on EU into top 200 & then preceded to climb into top 100 on Asia w/ my patented Raza Togwaggle Priest. It's my best performing deck this season. Attached is today's stats.Thanks to @RoffleHS 4 big host! — George (@KremePuffHS) May 25, 2020

NA#7 XxFroBro45xX’s Reno Mage

Copy to clipboard Thanks for watching the stream today guys 🙂 we got to rank 7 with lpg reno mage, deck is definitely fun and seems pretty good against the field 🙂 big thanks to @JiminatorHS and @BeastBattleRats for the hosts — XxFroBro45xX (@XxFroBro45xX) May 24, 2020

ASIA #94 おてぃか’s Libram Pure Paladin

Copy to clipboard ASIA #700→#94 @otyka2828's 聖典ピュアパラディン/Libram Pure Paladin「アルダーの従者」のバフにより、「アダールの手」「知恵の聖典」といった2マナ帯のバフに繋がりやすくなったことでテンポゲームに参加しやすくなった聖典パラディン。不利マッチは特にないとのこと。勝率は54-25の68%。 — おてぃか (@otyka2828) May 23, 2020