NA #1 Memnarch’s Galakrond Warrior

Copy to clipboard took rank 1 back with Galakrond warrior. I like this version the most because i made it myself 🙂 also 42-22 overall this season with the deck. If its this strong in wild i cant imagine what its doing in standard right now. — Memnarch_HS (@MemnarchHs) March 7, 2020

EU#98 Moluk’s Darkest Hour Warlock

Copy to clipboard Made it to top100 Wild with DH Warlock. It's nothing big, but since I didn't play Wild for a while I decided to share it. @neon31HS @HS_WildDecks I copied this list from someone and just added the 2nd Pact for Sinister Deal.Deck below. — Moluk (@Moluk13) February 26, 2020