NA #50 Corbett’s Libram Pure Paladin

Copy to clipboard Feel good about putting out this Pure Paladin list, after a few streams using it around top 50. Actually seems really solid for something completely off-meta. AAEBAZ8FBLnBAojHAuPjAv37Ag3cA+oP7Q/JFuPLAtn+ApyuA8q4A/24A+q5A+u5A+y5A8rBAwA= — James Corbett (@corbettgames) May 27, 2020

EU #7 Hijodaikan’s Big Shaman

Copy to clipboard Peaked at 7 on stream today with Big Shaman, the deck actually looks good (!!) Will prolly play more of it the next few days, feels refreshingAAEBAaoIAqirAt+pAw6UA7IGzg+gtgL2vQLz5wKf/QKtkQOKlAOPlAPbuAPcuAOTuQPzuwMA — Hijo (@HIJO_HS) May 27, 2020

CN #85 游尘’s Big Shaman

Copy to clipboard Check out 游尘's CN #85 Big Shaman! Big Shaman is being popular in CN recently, and it's surprisingly good. Try it out! AAEBAaoIAqirAua3Aw6UA7IGkQ7OD7wUoLYC9r0C8+cCn/0CrZEDipQDj5QD3LgD87sDAA== — ZelKnow (@ZelKnow) May 27, 2020

ASIA Hit Legend Stelmosfire’s Odd Paladin

Copy to clipboard 今月はhiccaluさん一押しの奇数パラボーナスは10 ゴールド6からヴォイドリッパーだけ環境を見てチューニングしましたコントロールに強めの構成になっていると思いますトラッカーの仕様でvsデモハンの戦績がありませんが勝ち越しているはず — セントエルモの火 (@stelmosfire1692) May 27, 2020

ASIA#82 And EU#163 KremePuffHS’s Reno Priest

Copy to clipboard Had a great early morning stream today. Climbed out of the super dumpster on EU into top 200 & then preceded to climb into top 100 on Asia w/ my patented Raza Togwaggle Priest. It's my best performing deck this season. Attached is today's stats.Thanks to @RoffleHS 4 big host! — George (@KremePuffHS) May 25, 2020